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BuySellsAds is the monetization solution of choice for high-quality content creators. We drive independence and sustainability through our scalable, innovative ad products.

You get the tools you need to regain earnings independence from large ad companies.

Get paid for the loyal audience you have worked so hard to build

Easily create a digital media kit

Easily list your inventory and be accessible to leading global brands for advertising and custom marketing opportunities with the click of a button.

Keep total control

Have simple and ultimate control over what runs where – don’t get caught off guard with something “off” the brand you’ve worked hard to build.

Grow your funnel

Increase the number of advertiser relationships you have (open your funnel) via self-serve and then leverage your in house team to upsell those brands on larger, high-value deals.

BuySellAds' automation technology has turned in to one of Cult of Mac's biggest revenue sources. It was dead easy to set up; dead easy to use; and it makes money for the site. I love it. Leander Kahney, Cult of Mac

Every last detail is fully transparent

BuySellAds is your partner to success

Media Kit

You set pricing and placement details to create a "digital media kit" for advertisers.

Media Planner

We get your ad inventory in front of relevant, high-quality advertisers looking to partner with you.

Approval Process

You are able to review and approve (or deny) every ad, every ad change, before it goes live.

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Success-based pricing

We're in this together — we only make money when you make money.

Our goal is to help create sustainable, high-quality content businesses.

No hidden fees, at will/non-exclusive, no setup fees.

Whether you join our marketplace or decide on our hosted cart solution, we guarantee you will see an increase in conversion and transactions - we pay for ourselves in spades. You will increase the number of brands you’re exposed to without any work.

Gain access to thousands of quality advertisers

We're trusted by thousands of advertisers across the web

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    • Increase transaction volume
    • Tools your advertisers will love
    • Open up your advertiser funnel
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    • 24/7 support from the BSA team
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