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The biggest community about the iPad & iPhone in spanish: News, apps, reviews and everything iPad related. iPadizate is one of the most profilic iPad websites.
iPadizate is the leading dedicated all iPhone & iPad models news and information site in spanish language. We provide our readers with the latest iiPad news, app and accessory reviews and get over 3,000,000+ visits and 5,200,000+ pageviews per month. We have over 67,500+ friends in Facebook, +13,500 in Google+ and 75,000+ in Twitter.

A decent amount of of our traffic (66%) comes from iPad & iPhone devices, so if you're advertising something related to those products this is the place for you -> one click or tap away from purchase in the App Store!

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Top 10 Countries

  • Spain 42.87%
  • Mexico 20.29%
  • Colombia 5.66%
  • Chile 4.61%
  • Argentina 3.92%
  • United States 3.81%
  • Peru 3.11%
  • Venezuela 2.34%
  • Ecuador 1.99%
  • Guatemala 1.55%
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