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Sidebar - Premium Spot
200 x 125 Top Right
95,000 Est.Impressions
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$95 per 30 days
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125 x 125 Top Right
95,000 Est.Impressions
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$50 per 30 days
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The sidebar has always been a popular place to display ads on a blog. The advantage of sidebar ads is that people notice them when they land on the website.
After Related Posts
125 x 125 Bottom Center
85,000 Est.Impressions
4 of 4 Available
$40 per 30 days
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Ads displayed beside such lists generally receive a lot of clicks because visitors have finished reading the post and are looking for something new.
Top Header - very high CTR
728 x 90 Top Right
95,000 Est.Impressions
$1.25 per 1K Imps
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"Oh man, this one has an amazin' CTR" - One of our clients. We have one of the highest CTR in this network, and we're proud of it. That's why it is more expensive than others.

RSS Feed

300 x 250 RSS Top
< 5,000 Est.Impressions
3 of 3 Available
$20 per 30 days
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This ad will be displayed at the bottom of each of our posts in the RSS feed.
Impressions based on last 30-days In the event that we do not have a full 30-days, we extrapolate based on data we have.
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