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The Minecraft Mine
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Minecraft gaming site. If your product is in the gaming niche, this is a great site to advertise on. The bulk of the visitors range from 13 to 20 and are highly engaged on the site. Look around on some of the Minecraft posts and see how much posts get liked and commented on. Our readers are very engaged and the click through rate on ads is very good.


Top Right Permier Placement
300 x 250 Top Right
55,000 Est.Impressions
1 of 1 Available
$399 per 30 days
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This is our prime ad space. Ads here get clicked the most. Ads for games or game related things do best here.
Right Side Middle All Pages
150 x 150 Middle Right
55,000 Est.Impressions
2 of 2 Available
$200 per 30 days
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If you create a good banner with a good call to action that will appeal to gamers, the ad will get clicked. Ads that do well are other game ads.
Newsletter To 60,000+ Gamer
300 x 250 + Text Center
60,000 Est.Subscribers
2 of 2 Available
$350 per 30 days
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Other game ads average 3000 clicks with this unit. Weekly email updates about game news to our 60,000+ opt in email list. This is our highest converting unit. We also post your ad to our Facebook fan page at
Impressions based on last 30-days In the event that we do not have a full 30-days, we extrapolate based on data we have.
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